We literally wrote the book. No. Books. Beginning in 1983. Since 1978, we have over 50 years of combined experience in state and federal courts, mainly federal, including:

 Scores of criminal tax investigations in over 25 states, with over 25 of the investigations dropped

 Over 55 tax plea agreements nationwide, with more than half of the clients receiving a sentence of probation or community confinement with work release

 Over 55 jury trials in 25 states, with over 40% victorious – acquitted at trial or on appeal

 Appeals to the federal circuit courts and the U.S. Supreme Court

Criminal charges or investigations include:

 Conspiracy (acquittals)

 Tax evasion

 False returns


 Failure to file returns, supply information, or pay taxes, both income and employment taxes (numerous acquittals)

 “5th Amendment returns”

 “zero returns” and other “tax protestor/patriot” issues

 Use of offshore trusts and bank accounts (acquittals)

 Assault upon IRS agent (acquittal)

 Obstruction of justice (dismissed)

 CTR (acquittal)

 FBAR (dismissed) and other offshore/foreign issues

 Interference with IRS agents (acquittal)

 Mail and wire fraud

 Form OID

 Form W-4 (numerous acquittals)

 False claims


 Forfeiture (case won by settlement, $0.5M)

 Money laundering

 Summons enforcement litigation (numerous cases won).