In 2009, well before foreclosure fraud and the “show me the note” defense gained popularity and national attention, we developed defense strategies and published a foreclosure defense legal memo, based in part on our inside knowledge gained by “infiltrating the enemy.”

And in 2012, we published in Conference on Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report, Volume 65, Number 3, an article critical of MERS, the lenders, and their counsel and law firms, many of whom were, by published opinion, severely criticized by the courts and sanctioned with fines: “From a Syntactical Fog into an Impassible Swamp” – Fed Up Mortgage Foreclosure Judges Find “No Life on MERS.”

We also filed adversary complaints, motions for sanctions, and oppositions to motions for relief from the automatic stay in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 Bankruptcy cases, raising the issues of forgery and other fraud, plus attempt to defraud the court, by MERS and the lenders; and our Nevada client challenged the lender by special action, a petition for writ of prohibition to the state supreme court.