Many of our clients reside outside of the United States and have complex currency, foreign company ownership, and offshore investment issues. Our global experience – Nathan has traveled to 25 countries (and lived and worked in four), speaks four languages, and is licensed on two continents – allows us better advise clients with offshore/foreign issues.

Over 40 years of combined experience, civil and criminal, including:

 Foreign trusts

 Banks and tax shelters

 International business companies (IBC)

 IRS offshore initiatives/amnesty

 FBAR penalties

 Letters rogatory

 Issues of comity

 Transfer pricing

 Tax and information sharing treaties

 Foreign controlled corporations

 Foreign insurance

 Captive insurance

 Employee leasing

 Deferred compensation

 Bahamian and other foreign insurance companies

 Jurisdiction of U.S. courts over foreign entities and persons

 Issues of alter ego/nominee, successor liability, and fraudulent conveyance

 “offshore triple trust”