We accept nearly all legal forms of payment, such as: bank deposit or wire transfer; credit cards; cash (in U.S. dollars or other fiat currencies such as euro, Swiss Francs, and British Pounds); gold, silver, and other precious metals; diamonds and other gemstones; Karatbars; and in kind (real estate, automobiles, etc.), depending upon the needs of our clients and the circumstances.

Fees may be value based, hourly, fixed according to services to be provided, or contingent. The specific fee will vary depending upon the particular matter to be handled for each client, taking into consideration factors such as: time, novelty & difficulty, skill required, amount involved, responsibility, & preclusion of other employment.

Criminal cases are generally charged by fixed fee plus costs. Contingency fees are generally limited to credit card debt settlement: the fee is a percentage of the gross recovery (before deduction for expenses) & the client is liable for expenses and a fixed monthly fee regardless of outcome.

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Mac MacPherson is a founding member of the Tax Freedom Institute and regularly speaks at its annual Taxpayers’ Defense Conference.

Mac and TFI Founder and Director Dan Pilla have worked together on complex civil and criminal tax cases for nearly three decades.

The Retainer
While we generally request a “retainer” which is to be applied as a credit against fees & costs, all monies received are “earned when paid” minimum fees & immediately become property of the firm. Retainer is a credit toward hourly rate. There are no refunds or abatements.

In complex cases, we generally charge a flat fee just to accept responsibility for the case, & in addition requires a retainer which becomes a credit to the client’s account at the hourly rates. Clients must read & understand the contract before signing. A written contract is mandatory. Understand your obligations.

Mac MacPherson has been a regular columnist for the American Free Press (formerly the Spotlight) over the past three decades.

Mac and Nathan are regularly featured – both as guests and as guest hosts – on the Liberty Works Radio Network, The Micro Effect Ratio Broadcast Network, The American Freedom Network, and other liberty-oriented radio stations across the nation.

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