Defending Freedom and Securing the Blessings of Liberty since 1978.


Since 1978, over 50 years of combined experience with federal, state, and local tax controversy work, defending against both assessment and collection of taxes.


Mac MacPherson is the only attorney in the world who is a bar-certified specialist in both criminal and tax law. He has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in federal court in 25 states.


Many of our clients reside outside of the United States and have complex currency, foreign company ownership, and offshore investment issues.
Nathan MacPherson Defends the Constitution!
Exposing Constitutional and Statutory Violations

Nathaniel K. “Nathan” MacPherson – “The Young Lawyer” – is admitted to practice law on two continents and his clients have ranged from foreign finance ministries and major global banks, to a publicly traded company and a bank director, to homeowners with civil and criminal foreclosure issues, to pastors, churches, and family businesses targeted by IRS.

Nathan regularly travels the country and talks on the radio and has presented around the State of Alaska, including to the Governor and members of the State House and State Senate, regarding the Constitutional issues surrounding the Common Core.

Watch Nathan speaking at the Mat-Su Common Core Symposium held on January 13, 2015, in Palmer, Alaska. The event was hosted by Alaska State Representative Lora Reinbold, Chair of the Regulatory Review Committee and Vice-Chair of the House Education Committee.

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We assist our clients in settling their debt - usually outside of bankruptcy court - so that they can get a fresh start and begin to rebuild their lives responsibly.


We literally wrote the book on this subject, authoring in 1991 Secret Exposed: Eliminate Income Tax Debts Through Bankruptcy.

Board-Certified Specialist in Tax Law and Criminal Law

We have the knowledge and experience to get you safely through your legal issues.

Mac MacPherson – “The Courtroom Commando” – has been practicing law for over 35 years and is the only attorney in the world board certified by a state bar as a specialist in both tax law and criminal law.

Mac has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in 25 states and was on the Criminal Justice Act panel for criminal appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for nearly three decades, where he was counsel on over 150 cases. Trial of a criminal tax case requires knowledge of and experience with criminal law, trials and appeals, and tax law.

As evidenced by the firm’s practice areas, Mac has extensive experience in the areas of civil and criminal tax controversies of all types, ranging from audits and criminal investigations, many of which were dropped, to appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because of his extensive litigation experience, together with his strong military background and West Point, Airborne, Ranger, Infantry, Jumpmaster, Special Forces “take no prisoners” attitude, it should not be surprising that, despite the small size of his firm, Mac was called upon to represent two governors, three state senators, CIA operatives, and a major U.S. airline.

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